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Dated: 05/18/2018

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Why Realty Executives?

There are a lot of agents right now looking to keep more of their commission in their pocket. Realty Executives was the first 100% commission model company in the industry (1965). Every realtor owes Realty Executives a thank you for helping this model make them more money, as it changed the real estate industry.

Our Brokerage, Realty Executives Home Towne out of Michigan, not only offers 100% commission but we supply all of the "state of the art" tools like Kunversion, Skyslope, Brokersumo, Smarter Agent and Primeagent. All of these tools that would cost you thousands per month are included with our brokerage. We also include business cards, signs, a name badge, work space and full staff and support of an admin and Marking Executive (helps you market your listings and business) and let's not forget about training one-on-one and in group and webinars daily.


An average agent will pay their broker 15,000-18,000 per year and some will have ongoing royalties. With Realty Executives Home Towne you pay 7,752.00 per year, including franchise fees. Yes, that's right, only 7,752 a year and no ongoing percentage after! That's almost 10,000 less than KW and 9,000 less than EXP. And you still get all the advantages of a full Brokerage, including offices (open work space with computers are free. Private office with phone and desk cost 50-300 per month, based on size) and conference rooms, MLS input, one-on-one training and support. Exp Realty is the ☁️ based brokerage and it will cost you 20% till you cap at 16,000. Real Living Realty gives you some tools and office and will probably pay you a big signing bonus but their hefty 8.5% franchise fee and split will have you paying that back in your first few years.  REMAX has a great model similar to Realty Executives, but they're too big to be flexible and the costs are double what Realty Executives Home Towne offers. Not to mention their technology has not caught up with the times. We give you more tools and support but don't forget we offer you a full fledged  office with admin staff and a place to go to work. Want stock? How much stock can you buy with an extra 9,000 per year? Don't rely on other agents capping at 80,000 to earn you more money, just pay less to start.

Scared of monthly payments?

Don't fret, there are other options! Realty Executives Home Towne offers a 70/30 split with a cap and you can change to 100% with only 60 days notice. It's only 65.00 per month and you get all the same tools and service. This is a great bridge to get to the 100% plan which is by far the least expensive.


Realty Executives Home Towne believes in teams. We think it's the future of real estate! If you want to add a team member, it's only 3,720 per year and that's 1/4 the cost of KW and thousands less than most other brokerages. You can have as many licensed team members as you need and for that cost you would be smart to start thinking about a team.

If you're 100%, all of Realty Executives Home Townes fees are paid to the brokerage and are completely tax deductible, so there is a huge tax advantage with this structure!

What's the secret?

There is none, we are quickly growing in Michigan and have over 10,000 agents nation wide. Each Realty Executives office is a bit different in fees and cost, but most are very aggressive. 

Realty Executives Home Towne is opening their  4th location in 3 years this summer in Shelby Twp. Michigan with a 16,000 sf building. 

Looking to start your own office, or team office?

We are franchising in Michigan and have an amazing flexible program.  We also have team-office structures for teams that want to control their business--but that's more than we can get into in this blog. Call Frank directly for more details.

If you're in the Metro Detroit area, and thinking about change, or would like to see what's available to you, contact Realty Executives Home Towne. We would be happy to answer any and all questions! 

You can contact the Broker Frank Locricchio, directly with the info posted below! And yes, you can actually talk to the broker, what a concept!

Frank Locricchio

Direct: 810-300-1650



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